About Us


Ereena is a pioneer and leader in eri silk, the fabric like no other.

A labour of love created by one of India’s leading textile technologists, Dilip Barooah, and designer and entrepreneur Jyoti Reddy, ereena silk brings the soul of traditional Indian craftsmanship to the fashion capitals of the world.

Eri silk is truly a wonder-fabric. It is isothermal, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. It glows softly with a restrained lustre. It readily absorbs a veritable rainbow of colours, both subtle and vibrant, to give you a fabric that is versatile, crease resistant, supremely comfortable and drapes Wonderfully well. And it embodies today’s spirit of social mindfulness and ahimsa, or non-violence, towards all forms of life.

Every strand of eri silk speaks of a deep love of all living things. Of the eri worm that subsists on ecologically beneficial castor bushes, and flits away unharmed once it has matured into a beautiful, winged adulthood. Of the story of progress of an entire populace inhabiting a remote rural area, nestling among the foothills of the mighty Himalayas. Of the growing prosperity of 20,000 rural families engaged in bringing it to luxurious life. Of an enterprise that has pioneered several new techniques and processes to turn this natural, traditional fabric into the epitome of elegance and comfort. Of an ongoing collaboration with the artisans to continuously upgrade the consistency and commercial viability of the fabric, and constantly experiment with various artisanal surface techniques like Shibori, tie-and-dye, block printing and hand printing.

Our eri silk is lovingly spun by thousands of rural women, in a tradition handed down through the ages from mother to daughter, and is woven into a range of ethereally beautiful fabrics at our factory by our predominantly female workforce, using the innovative techniques we have pioneered.

Experience the comfort and elegance of ereena silk today. Glowing with that very special, understated lustre that makes it as suited to smart every-day office wear as it is to resplendently stylish fashion wear, and striking, elegant home décor.