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                                              Ereena- The eri story 
Ereena is a lifestyle brand started by Jyoti Reddy, who designs produces and markets eri silk products for the fashion and home segments.
Creating awareness about Eri
A keen eye, interest in textiles, persistence and a desire to make a difference, evolved into an enriching journey with eri silk for Jyoti Reddy. She holds an MBA degree from the University of Cincinnati USA, besides a masters degree in psychology and sociology.
Her belief in eri silk’s wonderful naturally sustainable properties, and its potential, dictated the concerted efforts she made in its promotion. She has successfully increased awareness and changed perceptions about the relatively unknown eri silk over the last 5 years. She has created unique qualities in eri and acquired national and international recognition.
Eri silk is an environmentally sound fiber found  in the north east of India.  Unlike in other silks, this silk is reeled from open ended cocoons. Eri also has the district advantage of being produced without using any chemical fertilizer or insecticides. Besides, eri silk worms feed on castor leaves, which leave a very low carbon foot print. Most importantly, eri is inherently isothermal, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. It's quality of high absorption and high breathability makes it soft, durable, and extremely comfortable. But, very little of it was available for commercial sale. Spinning and weaving of eri were manual and productivity was low, with one kilogram of yarn yielding just three yards of fabric. Also, the quality of eri yarn and consequently eri fabric were inconsistent.
Scaling up Eri productivity
 In 2007, Jyoti pioneered an eri silk factory along with a group of textile technologists, lead by the eminent textile technologist, late Mr. Dilip Barooah, with the objectives of enhancing the productivity of eri; improving its quality; creating employment opportunities for unemployed and under-employed women in Assam, particularly those from the tribal areas; and introducing eri to the national and international markets. This yarn factory achieved over a 7-fold increase in productivity, delivering 25 yards of fabric from one kilogram of yarn; and consistent quality.  
Injecting innovation into the making of eri products
With this yarn, she relentlessly experimented on handlooms and power looms. She realised very early that the wonderful story about eri was not enough. Attractive products were necessary to encourage use of eri silk and experience its superior comfort. 
She travelled, coaxed, brainstormed and engaged with any willing weaver across the country, to create new and beautiful eri products. Eri silk, with its beautiful natural texture, effortless drape and matte sheen, lent a new charm and feel to any weaving tradition. Thus evolved a range of eri silk sarees, stoles and shawls and fabrics for home and fashion designed by her. She introduced Eri silk sarees , fabrics, shawls/throws made in the ikat weaving tradition, eri jamdani, eri kota-inspired weaves, eri jacquards, eri silk in natural dyes, eri fur, and so many more ...
The products were showcased initially through the Craft Council of India platforms in different cities. At first customers were unsure. Is it cotton? Is it silk? Is it ahimsa? Does it stick to the body? Is it easy to maintain?
Jyoti never tired of explaining and repeating the qualities of eri silk to all of them, over and over again with the same enthusiasm. Very soon Ereena gained its own distinct identity. Ereena sarees made a statement! The colour combinations and designs stood out for their elegance, and their comfort became a topic of conversation. 
Ereena goes international
On the international front, Jyoti applied for and was selected to participate in the “Handmade” section of “New York NOW” by a consulting group.  Ereena shawls and scarves were nominated in the Best New Product category and Best Sustainable Product category for three years in a row. Ereena was gaining popularity. Next, the International Folk Art Market beckoned. Ereena was among the 162 applicants representing 53 countries selected from 642 applications, for 3 years consecutively.
Jyoti’s passion for eri silk was infectious. Pascal Gautrand from Paris was impressed with her work and Ereena showcased its "Eri fur" collection in his gallery, “Made in Town”, in Paris for 45 days. 
Besides gaining substantial ground in India, having participated in Lakme Fashion Week and becoming a member of the Fashion Development Council Delhi, Ereena made inroads into the fashion center of the world, Italy! 
The Ferragamo museum held a special exhibition titled, "Sustainability Thinking" in 2018, and Ereena fabric, made with natural-dyed eri yarn, was selected to be part of this wonderful exhibition. Jyoti was invited to be part of the elite group for the opening hosted by the Ferragamo family. This exhibition was extended for two years by popular demand. 
Going forward
Growing from strength to strength, Jyoti's vision is to consolidate Ereena's current position as a pioneer of premium, high value-added eri silk and eri silk-blended garments and fabric business and to take a strong leadership position globally over the next five years.
Her mission, through brand Ereena and with the support of her strong technical team, is to scale up the traditional cottage eri industry to its best commercial potential; improve livelihoods; and train and empower women through training and gainful employment. She wishes to present
appealing, environment-friendly product choices with unmatched comfort, addressing the urgent global need for alternatives to contain damage to our very fragile ecosystem.
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