Our Story

Ereena is an authentic premium eri silk brand pioneering in the manufacturing and marketing of consistent commercially viable eri silk yarn, fiber sheets, slivers, roving, fine eri fabrics and garments.

Eri silk is an environmentally sound natural fiber found in the north eastern regions of India. Reeled from open ended cocoons made by the semi domesticated Samia Cyntia Ricini, this has low carbon footprint, is sustainable, and ethical. It has exceptional isothermal properties which makes it comfortable in summer as well as winter. And its quality of high absorption makes it durable, soft and also low maintenance.

Founded in 2014, Ereena has been deeply focused in increasing productivity and quality of eri silk. With a mission bring the goodness of eri silk to the world, we relentlessly experimented on handlooms and power looms to achieve over 7-fold increase in productivity, delivering 25 yards of fabric from 1 kg of yarn.

Thanks to our unwavering efforts Ereena shawls and scarves were nominated in the Best New Product category and Best Sustainable Product category for three years in a row. We are now also featured in the Sustainability Thinking Exhibition at the Ferragamo museum for two years.

Going forward our mission, is to scale up the traditional cottage eri silk industry to its best commercial potential, improve livelihoods, and empower women through training and gainful employment. 

At Ereena, wish to present appealing, environment-friendly product choices with superior comfort, addressing the urgent global need for alternatives to contain damage to our very fragile ecosystem.