Experience, Quality & Reliability

Ereena is a pioneering manufacturer & marketer of consistent and commercially viable eri silk.

Our team at Ereena has worked with the yarn for over 15 years, researched & experimented with it, and created a wide variety of products for the 'conscious' consumer.
We have found the perfect balance of tradition and innovation to develop a process that helps us generate high volume with consistent quality. 

Founded in 2014, Ereena has been deeply focused in increasing productivity and quality of eri silk. With a mission bring the goodness of eri silk to the world, we relentlessly experimented on handlooms and power looms to achieve over 7-fold increase in productivity, delivering 25 yards of fabric from 1 kg of yarn. 

Our factories Fabric Plus and Rudrasagar are the only pure eri spun integrated units with a focus on enhancing rural livelihoods and developing a transparent, sustainable and consistent eri silk supply chain. We can produce 165 metric tonnes of eri yarn per year.

Our mission is to preserve the traditional eri industry by innovatively applying appropriate technologies to raise it to its best commercial potential; and, in doing so, create a revolution right from the grassroots, bringing a means of livelihood to the traditional silk bearing families of Assam.